​Most of our Jr. High students come from families that may not be familiar with tennis.  Over the years I have answered many different questions concerning tennis and have decided to make this a resource for the most frequently asked questions.  If you don't find your question please don't hesitate to ask.

1.  When and where does Jr. High Tennis Meet?

     Both 7th grade and 8th grade tennis players meet at the Martin High school tennis courts at 7:20am.  8th grade players meet on the high school scheduled "A" days while the 7th grade students meet on the high school scheduled "B" days.  Please click on the following button to see the AISD A/B calendar.

2.  How do the students get to and from the MHS tennis courts?

     Students are usually dropped off at the tennis courts by their parents, but in some circumstances they can be dropped off by the Martin HS bus.  Please contact AISD transportation for details. After practice is over we will bus them back to their home campuses.  

3.  What time do they get back to their home campuses? 

     Young students leave practice at 8:20 in order to dress out and get back to their campuses.  Young students arrive early enough to make their 1st period classes.  

     Boles students leave practice at 9:00.  Boles students have a study hall 1st period in which they dress out and get ready for their 2nd period class.

4.  What equipment is needed for jr. high tennis?

     Students are required to purchase their own rackets.  If your child has not received formal instruction then any 27" racket will do.  Walmart, Target, and Arlington Tennis Center have a large selection that will work at this point and time.  After your child gets better at tennis please ask us what our recommendation on purchasing a new racket.  Good rackets are expensive and should not be bought without thinking it through properly.

     We recommend, but do not require a good pair of tennis shoes.  The best places to buy tennis shoes in Arlington are Arlington Tennis Center and Academy Sports.  I personally purchase my shoes online at Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Express or Tennis Outlet.

     Students are required to wear athletic clothing.  Shorts with pockets and t-shirts are a must during the summer months and warm clothing during the winter months are necessary.  Blue jeans will never be allowed.

5.  Do the jr. high students ever compete?

    Yes, we do have competitions for the students to compete in all year around.  
    In the Fall Season we have dual matches against other teams.  Dual matches are always conducted after school has ended for the day.  The students will play both doubles and singles.  The winner of the dual match is decided by how many total match wins each team receives. Unfortunately our jr high program is so large that not every child will be able to participate in the fall season.  The students who do not play in the Fall season will definitely play in the Spring Season.  In the fall season we all stay at the site until the entire dual match is completed.  We will provide transportation to and from each dual match.  After each dual match you will be able to pick up your child at the Martin High School tennis courts.

     Spring Season - The spring season differs from the fall season in many ways.  In the spring season we will participate in tournaments.  In tournaments the participants play either doubles or singles, but not both.  Though playing for Martin High School their wins and losses will only count for them as individuals.  The more you win the more you play.  If you should lose after the 1st match your day is done and you will be able to go home.  All spring tournaments are held on Saturdays.
     Extra tournaments - Arlington ISD's coaches have formed the Southwest Tennis circuit in order for our players to get more playing experience.  The SWTC is completely voluntary, but participation is strongly encouraged.  The more experience your player receives the better they will become.  The SWTC will have the same format as the Spring Season.  The students play singles and are done is they lose after their second match.  More information can be found at www.southwesttenniscircuit.com.  There is a cost to play these tournaments - $5 and an unopened can of balls.

Jr. High Tennis

You may be able to drop off by going around the MAC.  I do not know if this route will be available.

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Schedule for this Fall

March 24th - Bowie Tournament

April 21 - Lamar Tournament

May 12 - District tournament

Feb 10th - Birdville Tournament

Feb 17th - Richland Tournament

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