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1.  All players must 1st register yourself as a player by clicking on "sign up here".

2.  After registering and setting up your password just follow the prompts.  

If you can not challenge the most likely culprit is the person you are wanting to challenge is already in a challenge match.

These persons will not be able to make a challenge due us not having a valid cell phone number yet.

Chao, Joyce
Cutler, Caleb Jaden 
Garcia-Pacheco, Josiah 
Hammond, Brandon Chase 
Nguyen, Tony C
Sustaita-robb, Colton Allen 

Martin Tennis Challenge Match Rules:
Integrity, Respect, Discipline, Commitment

1.  You may only challenge a person that is up to, but not more than two positions ahead of you.  Once you challenge a person you must notify them immediately. If it is reported that you have taken any time between the challenge and notification you will default the match.

2.  Once the challenge match has been approved the challenged player gets to decide the date and time of the challenge.  Do not challenge if you are not free the day of the challenge or for a majority of the week after the challenge is made. 

3.  If the challenged person plays the challenge match on the same day as the challenge is issued they will earn 5 points for their house team.  If the match is played on the day after the challenge has been issued the challenged player will earn 3 points for their house.  If the match is played 2nd day after the challenge has been issued the challenged player will earn 0 points for their house.  Any day the challenged person waits beyond the 2nd day after the challenge has been issued will cost their team 5 points for every day they delay.  Maximum cost will be 20 points.  After costing their team 20 points they will also forfeit the match.  It is the Challenging player’s responsibility to report a failure to play.

4.  All challenges must be made using the online challenging system.  No verbal challenges will be accepted.

5.  After a challenge match is lost you must wait 2 weeks before challenging the same person again. 

6.  After a successful completion of a challenge match by the challenger, that challenger must wait 24 hours after reporting the score onto the system before they challenge another player.

7. If the challenging player loses 3 consecutive times to the same player the challenger must wait 2 months before challenging the same player again.

8.  If a challenge match is won by the Challenger then the challenger moves up the ladder and all the other affected players will move down (slide down) the ladder.

9.  Challenge may be made all year long with the exception of Coach Moore temporarily suspending challenges.

10.  Injuries – Challenges should be made in good faith only to uninjured players, but on occasion, a player can become injured between the issued challenge and the beginning of a match.  At which time no points will be deducted from the challenged player for failure to play.  The injured player will have one week to play the match.  During the injured week, that player will get treatments from the trainer during class and will be resting the injury until they are able to play.  If a player is too injured to play a challenge match they will not be allowed to practice until they injury is healed or play the challenge match.  At the end of the injury week and the player is still unable to play the match will result in a forfeiture.  The injured player may challenge back to their original spot after the injury has healed. 

If a player is able to practice and play for the team then they are deemed healthy enough to play a challenge match.

11.  Challenges may begin on Monday, August 7th at 8:00am.

These Rules were formed to maintain the integrity of competition amongst the Martin High School Tennis Team.  Defaults should not be the 1st option on should seek to obtain a higher ladder position.  Players should seek out mutual arrangements to play for their ladder position before addressing Coach Moore to employ the default rule.Type your paragraph here.

Please read all challenge match rules completely.  By making a challenge match you are stating that you have read all of the challenge match rules.  Failure to follow the rules will result in the dismissal of the challenge match and you may be suspended from making further challenges.