At Martin HS Tennis we do things different than most other tennis teams.​  

1.  In order to help our team become a more unified group we have many different team bonding events in which every player on the team contributes to their house.  This year there are 6 houses all competing for the coveted house cup.  

2.  Our ladder is public.  In many different teams the coach keeps the ladder private or does not have a ladder at all.  This can lead to nefarious lineups or can cause friction on the team.  Our lineup is completely open to anyone who wishes to see it.  

3.  Cuu-wi trips - At Martin High School we believe in rewarding the leaders on the team.  In order to be considered a leader on the team you have complete different tasks.  When you gain enough points to be considered Cuu-wi you will be taken to the out of town trip regardless if you are in the varsity class or not.

Martin Warrior Tennis


Founded: 1982

Coaches - Derek Moore - Head Coach

                   Sara Giles - Assistant Coach
                   Henry Clark - Assistant Coach

What We’re Doing

Martin Tennis is one of the most porlific teams in Arlington.  The team has won 24 district titles since the school has opened in 1982.  We are are so proud of all of our players past, present and future!  

Martin Tennis

We Are Different